THEATRE ROSA 2009–11 ?>


THEATRE ROSA was active in Poznań from 2009–11. It was a space for searching for identification with one’s self. This search was based on acting craft understood as the ability to discover creative motivation within oneself and to use basic tools: the body, musicality, and the imagination. In the work we tried to make essential values – presence, precision, attentiveness, and hearing – become concrete.

It was an organic theatre where performances grew out of previous works, grew up and developed like animals or humans.

The team: Agnieszka Pietkiewicz and Maciej Zakrzewski (actors), and Grzegorz Ziółkowski (director, work leader).

Performances and projects:

• BAL LAB project (2010–11) led by Agnieszka Pietkiewicz and Maciej Zakrzewski

• Canticles to the Beloved: Songs of Separation and Longing (2011)

• The Winter of Our Discontent… (2010) Photographs

• The Leaden Ball (2009) Photographs

  Day Ray project (October 2008, Brzezinka) and performance Three Sisters and a Brother, created by Agnieszka Pietkiewicz (directing), Magdalena Mróz, Paulina Pacia, Adrianna Szczepkowska and Maciej Zakrzewski (actors), supervised by Grzegorz Ziółkowski.